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A: You teamed up with Sophie Turner on The Journey and Mary Nighy on No More Tiaras, how do you select who you work with?
So we can now officially say that next month is Christmas and inevitably our diaries will begin to swell, if they haven't already, with festive parties and celebrations to attend. A new dress is always in order which is why Karen Millen have enlisted the help of myself and nine other 'hot bloggers of the moment' (apparently!) to choose their perfect piece from their gorgeous dress collection. The Bloggers Edit sees a diverse selection of outfits with plenty of lace, cinched waists, brocade and sequins on show, suitably extravagant for any Christmas soirée. I picked out this spellbinding baroque tutu dress which captivated me the moment I saw it. The hand-cut lace design is stunning and it really is the perfect go-to party dress for the season.
The Advocate General's Opinion will be welcomed by Karen Millen and other high end fashion designers and retailers who rely on unregistered design rights in their designs. Unregistered designs are an important IP right for the fashion industry, given the short lives of fashion designs which may not justify the cost of design registrations. The Advocate General's Opinion, if followed by the CJEU, will bolster the protection afforded to designs which are new and have individual character, and require lower-end, 'fast fashion' retailers to take even greater care when producing similar designs for sale at a lower price point, given the high threshold for challenging the validity of unregistered design rights".