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A: Can you tell us a little about your new Autumn/Winter collection?
The Harlem team is amazed at the change in Na Ying: The screaming, shouting …… such a strong style of music, Na Ying how will such a big change? Between words conceal his surprise, surprise turned gorgeous Na Ying clan, originally very Harlem are good at changing surprise appreciation plus other instructors disarray but full of feeling of sadness Na Ying main mentor. Her pride in the disciple’s excellent play on the stage, but for whom the extreme left and tangled; tense Wang ready to come face plus two tears, her affection for each participant is also difficult to give a glance. Na Ying incarnation melancholy mentor will make a choice, whether she will be the only moment of the release of the double election authority in this?Kan Li Wen, Lin Yu Chun, Tusken, when Mei announced that the three good voice drawn the short straw in the mature male was assigned to a group when everyone gasped, even bold speculation has already been started, Mei only time will surely .
Same vowel, rhyming nature, such as rhyme with body even granted a 3 ze principle of distinction – only points ze, do not distinguish ToneEach rhyme in pronounced IA, Hinata’s word, that is toned words; pronounced rising tone, falling tone of the word, is the word oblique tones. No longer distinguish between entering characters so that each rhyme actually naturally divided into level tone, Tonal two parts. Tune into rhyme with the Cipai, when a new rhyme instead Tonal order Karen millen stockholm to simultaneously use the flat water rhyme is more convenient, behind each rhyme marked toned words that rhyme entering characters contained in the original. Tonal part of the original entering characters no longer marked 4. Polyphones attribution principle – sound set arbitrarily, rhyme normalized by soundFor multi-tone words, according to their different pronunciation, are attributed to the corresponding rhyme. When in use, according to the word in the sentence to determine its pronunciation specific meaning in order to determine their respective rhyme and tonal division 5. Relations with the old Rhyming Dictionary – advocating this ancient knowledge, track parallel; this might ancient, width is not hinder YanCreate Classical Poetry, promoting the use of new rhyme, but do not oppose the use of the old rhyme, such as flat water rhyme. But at the same poem, rhyme for different parts of the old and new can not be mixed. In order to facilitate readers to enjoy, easy to editors reviewers, using the new rhyme poems, the general should be stated in general, the new than the old rhyme rhyme should be simple, broad, and large capacity, which for the prosperity of poetry writing should be to promote the role of . This does not preclude continued use of the old rhyme, which is now might ancient principle. Moreover, even with the new rhyme, you can also use than Chinese New Melody is more strict, rhyme finer mesh, which is not hinder wide strict principle we believe that reform is a major event in rhyme, not overnight.