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Each team will have more than half of the students to leave, which makes cherish trainees fishnet goes feel then!Teams of students took to the stage Na Ying, horn trend into each other. Their faces filled with a confident smile; master instructor Na Ying was somber, his eyes blurred. She understood that, in the assessment stage, less than half of the people can leave their own time who is going to decide who each stay, the fate of almost all of their trial white shirt, black trousers, a simple dress plus a highly artistic temperament hair, Zhao Han’s debut to allow the audience restless. With the music teacher in Shenyang hair swinging, waving his arms high audience seemed to go touch his unattainable explosive treble. One just completed, tutors chair Na Ying unconsciously stood dresses at Karen millen up, originally due to Zhao Han tense expression She’s gone a little shocked and soothing aftertaste. The second concert is Hou Lei, who comes from Hubei professional music lover to a sensible still immersed in the treble just shocking scene pulled into its own frequency, full of rhythm rock fan so that the audience can along swing.
Karen Millen at Ministry of Fashion
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