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Or can take a packet of iodine, so that you can take to come from the wild may not be clean water or water disinfection. You can also give the best you can find clean water filtered through a filter, or be boiled at least ten minutes. In addition, the cup wrapped in a layer of aluminum foil, so you can make the water cooled as quickly as possible because you open your place in the camp, so be sure to take down a camping tips to keep in mind: This will help to protect and preserve the natural environment, so that we and future generations can share the beauty of nature. Without leaving traces that should be cleaned before leaving camp, so that the ecological environment from intrusion. Thoroughly cleaned after meals, food should be off the ground even though this seems like common sense, you may do so without leaving any traces above. If the pre-planning and preparation is a squad to travel to ensure that the range of activities you want to leave the rivers and lakes of at least 60 meters. In accordance with pre-established route and camps to travel and camping. The solid waste landfill to 15-20 cm below the surface location. Bathe or wash dishes have to leave the rivers and lakes 60 m. Used water to be filtered, the filtrate was placed in an appropriate waste receptacle and then spilled into the surrounding water. Do not defeat you find relics and natural landscapes. Camp area as much as possible to be small, with built in fire, with the stove to cook. Stay away from wild animals and plants, Do not feed the animals this technique is about bugs, bears and poisonous plants. Your tent or other shelter in the time to pay attention there is no yellow hive, other insects, and insects. If you often have to go to the next plant, best to wear long-sleeved shirts and trousers. . Should always check there are lice bites you may know to avoid poison ivy, and know how to distinguish its three leaf clusters. This is the campers will mainly mistakes, but as long as has been carrying some simple tools can avoid to leave the camp too far astray. Compass, map and GPS device can prevent getting lost. Of course, if you do not know how to use these tools, and that they will not do anything. So in your camping trip before you begin to learn about how to read a map, use a compass and GPS (Also, when you read the whole article, you can learn more tips to make your camping trip there are no surprises us.
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