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karen millen sunglasses
It seems a bit early to do a #FlashbackFriday to last week, but there is no way I can resist sharing one of my favorite moments from New York Fashion Week any longer!
The first publicity photos with no harmony, four uniformed creative, this stills captured at the beach on the attention more. Slim casual pants uniform, with uniform white shirt, neat appearance. Outside distinguish different styles of the four main characters take a different personality. Jojo’s Sleeve Beige outside the ride, full of gentility and virtue. Han-style long scarf outside the ride, filling cordial Karen millen blue dress sun. River Plate with red stripes Puff, filling the lovely princess temperament. Dennis Ng’s suit vest with black sunglasses models, filling the cool handsome character. At first glance, the outfit is also considered to have a uniform pace missing sweetheart The styling is the crew went to Taiwan, hired styling team has been involved in too many Taiwanese idol drama shot ran off to build, including Meteor Garden 2 Sunshine Angel gold idol stylists Zhongfeng Lan, and Jiro Wang, Rainie Queen makeup artist Xu Shuhua effort to join. Black designer fashion stills campaign for the lot, seen in the film stills are very important when styling than the photographer – shoot the story, personality and fashionStill good or bad, in fact, the most important is the photographer’s ability to freeze the moment to shoot a second plot and story. Missing sweetheart, Karen millen clothes the first poster story sparked countless friends on the big guess, either wins the battle of Na and Zhang Chen Xiang He’s , or Gena mischievous duo are vaguely from stills revealed a number of related information with the plot. Six different personalities are also the same picture in the show the most, Zhang He’s strong and tough, Lena’s quirky, wood lattice sunlight naughty, Chen Xiang melancholy hidden, female Wangfeng Fan … the same in the same lens instant freeze, play the full sense. Renowned fashion photographer Juanzi join, indeed, the first stills astounding However, even if such a photo would still have friends there are objections. We lunch on super unhappy because martial arts does not appear in promotional posters. However, the lunch were also very heart, they added directly to the martial arts in the middle of Chen Xiang and Jiang Chao, the Na won the war became wins Art of War, amusing contrast, accidentally love you in this family portrait a lot simpler. .
Hollywood’s silent era charming American actress Gloria Swanson (GloriaSwanson), to be known as the Mexico the most beautiful faces in film history, the actress Maria Felix (Mara Flix), a piece of jewelry unparalleled achievements of their peerless elegance, for their respective age engraved under the most stunning scenery Duchess Karen Millen leather jacket of Windsor: love story and break the traditional JewelryThe British King Edward VIII and (after the abdication of the Duke of Windsor) compose a stunning love song Wallace Simpson (Wallis Simpson), has just Karen Millen DQ120 Geometric beading dress black multi 2013 Sale the UK in the social circle, Karen Millen.com the Crown Prince has not yet suffered the sentimental fanatical pursuit, its noble posture and full of witty conversation already attracted many eyeballs. In the 1920s, many restaurants refused to receive women wearing pants, be regarded as avant-garde outrageous, when Simpson was in a neat, short hair, a white linen pants boarded the top fashion magazines Duchess of Windsor in Cannes Cartier boutique Before 1938Her most memorable attire appeared in the Duke of Windsor’s wedding day.
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